MTN Services LLC is duly Licenced as: Security contractor alarm company / Electronic access company certification Number B12695501

Smart controllers

Our state-of-the-art controllers solution for access control are designed with the needs of installers in mind, having everything professional installers need in a scalable network controller. Expandability takes system configuration flexibility to a new level. Equipped with a stylish and highly functional cabinet with built-in light bar, smart cable management, split power supply, and many other features.


We incorporate wireless access control systems to achieve greater control and security of your installation. A management platform fully adapted to your needs and without cables. It Utilize the access cards / keys of the users to give and remove permissions, monitor doors, keys and control the movements and schedules of the users with maximum security. Access control platform integration developed to allow users to control and manage a large number of applications and for all types of doors.


Turnstiles effectively manage the flow of people in an internal or external environment. Dormakaba turnstiles are built for reliable and long-lasting performance in high volume situations. Turnstiles monitor and maintain reliable access control while allowing high frequency of passage.


The multimodal biometric access control system allows you to increase security in this area as important as identity verification, it is essential. BACS Quattro frees you from the daily hassles of lost keys and forgotten passwords. It combines face, iris, palm vein and fingerprint authentication in a single integrated unit. BACS ™ can be applied from critical infrastructures where the highest level of security is required, to small businesses that have lower security requirements but still want to enhance their unique authentication capabilities.s.


Allows each vehicle to roll over concrete surfaces while not deployed, reducing wear and tear due to vehicle stress and increasing axle weight capacity. Additionally, heavy equipment such as road graders and snow plows can easily pass through when the boom is not deployed. These wedge barriers do not employ the use of a chain to connect the locking fingers to the base of the barrier, allowing installation to virtually any degree and at almost any angle without the risk of catching a chain under the barrier.


Industry leading security solution with the G-1000 series of anti-RAM bollards. This diverse series offers anti-vehicle capabilities, as well as controlled vehicle access and physical assistance with perimeter security concerns. Ideal for a number of clients in many industries, the G-1000 Series Ram Bollards are installed in multiple high and medium security environments in such large US markets as New York, Las Vegas and Washington DC.