MTN Services LLC is duly Licenced as: Security contractor alarm company / Electronic access company certification Number B12695501

One product, two features

The only Bluetooth bracelet that makes contact tracing and social distancing alerts, to stop the spread of the disease. The system is capable of notifying people who have had contact with a positive diagnosed person, to initiate preventive quarantine.



Simple Bluetooth wristband that detects other wristbands within a 2-meter range



It Tracks people and finds out who is potentially infected. It confines only groups of people, rather than the entire population.



The system guarantees data privacy through encrypted, ephemeral, and anonymous device IDs that the system manages.
If someone wearing the bracelet tests positive, the system downloads the encrypted user data, to notify people to quarantine themselves.
When someone bypasses the security measures and does not respect the physical distance of 2 meters, the bracelet vibrates emitting and alert to the security department.