We are a security systems integration company: video surveillance, access control, intrusion, asset control, automated personal control systems using biometric technology and integration of human resources systems, among other technologies.


With more than 10 years of experience providing and installing network infrastructure for voice, data, audio, video, security, and wireless solutions for commercial and residential customers in both the United States and Mexico; We offer high-performance Video Surveillance systems to solve known problems such as poor video quality, lack of recordings, challenging environments without light, detection of COVID-infected people to avoid mass infections within commercial premises, loss of assets inside clothing, missing of vision of extended distances of 10 km or remote construction areas without telecommunications or power available, high maintenance cost.




Integrated Telecommunications Experts

MTN Services has provided clients with professional experience in the telecommunication area for over 10 years. using the latest technology available, we install and mantain a wide range of communication cabling including CAT5, CAT6, voice, traditional fiber optic cable systems.

Every job is accomplished in compliance with the international quality and excellence standards in order to provide the best solutions to improve our client’s competitiveness. We are also offering the best cost-benefit relationship through services, highly qualified and professional work relationship.

Our Mission

Achieve the highest productivity and development of our customers by consulting and implementing information technologies through the experience and knowledge of motivated and professional employees to provide services beyond our customer’s expectation.

Our Vision

Design-tech driven company

Being the market leader to meet customer needs with the integration of innovative products and services of the highest quality, consolidating a successful business model.

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