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ClearSite’s Perpetual Power Unit (PPU) product line provides field-proven technology to quickly bring outdoor sites online. Sites that require equipment such as cameras, sensors, embedded servers, secure communications, and more are a perfect fit for reliable power flow and other support functions provided by the PPU.
The PPU consists of an outer cabinet that houses your software, electronic, electrical, and energy storage (batteries) components. Additionally, there are many PPU options available to meet specific application requirements such as secure mobile communications, dynamic lighting, and audio analytics. While the PPU can always be independent, it excels in large networks as all PPUs can report to and be controlled from a central location. The PPU greatly simplifies and increases reliability when building large outdoor camera / sensor networks, regardless of the physical characteristics of each individual site.

Another crucial part of the surveillance system is power. Reliable continuous power will be addressed by Clear Site’s Perpetual Power Unit Model PPU-1-LC. The PPU is an industrial powerhouse and communications platform for perimeter systems, remote critical infrastructure, and timed site-wide power applications.


The PPU-1-LC is a robust outdoor UPS and will also provide 24 × 7 power from:

AC power sources (light poles) or constant from 110 to 277 VAC. The PPU-1-LC has intelligence built in.

PPU actively monitors events from video analytics, communications, sensors, and connected devices.

PPUs have built-in logic and can create custom events / alerts based on multiple sensor and analytical inputs.

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PPUs can be operated and managed independently or through a central server. The server provides a single user interface to simplify management and remote access to a large PPU network. The server provides a daily snapshot archiving function, the server will extract images from all connected cameras and store them on the server. Each camera can have up to 3 snapshots per day. Snapshots are stored for up to 1 year. All interaction with the PPUs and the server can be done through a basic web browser: any PC, tablet or phone. The PPU server can pass individual.
We offer multiple Ethernet redundancy protocols that network protect your applications from outages or temporary failures by redirecting transmission within the network. The switch provides advanced IP-based management that can limit the maximum bandwidth for each connected IP device, allowing the user to adjust usage. The PPU-POE-L3 provides eight electrical ports that support up to thirty watts of power, four of the eight PoE ports can support up to sixty watts of PoE power.