Modular vehicular barrier

Allows each vehicle to roll over concrete surfaces while not deployed, reducing wear and tear due to vehicle stress and increasing axle weight capacity. Additionally, heavy equipment such as road graders and snow plows can easily pass through when the boom is not deployed. These wedge barriers do not employ the use of a chain to connect the locking fingers to the base of the barrier, allowing installation to virtually any degree and at almost any angle without the risk of catching a chain under the barrier.
The G-4033P series is completely portable and fully deployable in about ten minutes, making the system ideal for festivals and events. Available in multiple configurations, both automatic and non-towed, all G-4033P units are electro-hydraulic and can run on 120V power, a battery backup unit, or a backup generator, perfect for areas with unknown or low power supply. dependable. All units are finished with hot dip galvanized steel and painted to Gibraltar standards, but custom colors can be requested. As with fixed arm barriers, the G-4033P is designed with shock rating and ASTM F2656-07 certified. The portable model is M30 P3 certified to stop a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling at speeds of up to 30 mph. Additionally, the G-4033P Portable Swing Arm Barrier is listed on the USACE DOD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List and is licensed for use.



Gibraltar’s line of modular vehicle barriers is available in 20, 10 and 5 foot units, all tested separately. Units can be joined using the standard extension bar, designed to add stability and impact resistance, or the optional pedestrian arch. Each arch provides a 42 ”wide and 80” high opening for pedestrians to pass through without compromising the impact resistance of the modular vehicle barrier as a whole.
Depending on size, up to 24 units can fit on a single flatbed trailer. When combined with the relatively lightweight pallet truck attachment, the Gibraltar MVBs are extremely simple to implement at any time. However, despite their light weight, the units are designed to use the invading vehicle’s own inertia to stop, allowing units of all lengths to achieve a high level of crash-tested stopping power.

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All facility and crowd protection offerings are tested to ASTM F2656 and certified, and the Modular Vehicle Barrier is no different. Currently, the Gibraltar Modular Vehicle Barrier is certified as M30 P2 as a single 20 foot unit, which means that each unit can withstand the impact of a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling at speeds of up to 30 mph. Additionally, once the barrier sections are assembled and in place, each can be attached to the next with an extension bar, increasing the barrier’s mass and impact resistance.
However, the Gibraltar crash tests did not stop with the 20 foot unit; experts conducted extensive internal testing of the 5 and 10 foot units. While the 5-foot units must be connected to another modular vehicle barrier unit to withstand crashes, internal testing of 5-foot units connected to a pedestrian arch unit withstood a full-size Dodge Ram pickup traveling at 30 mph. Ten-foot units were tested using a full-size sedan that traveled 30 mph, as well as a full-size pickup truck that traveled 30 mph with a 45-degree impact angle.