Road Blockers

Allows each vehicle to roll over concrete surfaces while not deployed, reducing wear and tear due to vehicle stress and increasing axle weight capacity. Additionally, heavy equipment such as road graders and snow plows can easily pass through when the boom is not deployed. These wedge barriers do not employ the use of a chain to connect the locking fingers to the base of the barrier, allowing installation to virtually any degree and at almost any angle without the risk of catching a chain under the barrier.



Gibraltar’s industry leading anti-vehicle barrier portfolio now includes the tested and certified G-2000 wedge barrier. Developed to meet the industry’s most stringent qualification standards for perimeter safety and vehicle stopping power, the G-2000 Series Wedge Barrier is useful for any industry that needs a vehicle barrier at one or more points. access. Industries include chemical treatment plants, industrial warehouses, power plants, water treatment facilities, refineries, military bases, and airports.
Wedge barriers provide security at the point of entry to prevent unauthorized vehicle access to sensitive locations with other perimeter security in place. They can be installed alone or together with other entry barriers. All wedge barriers are tested for impact resistance and compared to a set of universally accepted standards to determine their level of effectiveness. The Gibraltar G-2000 Series M50 P1 Wedge Barrier has consistently demonstrated its ability to exceed international standards.
The Gibraltar M50 P1 Wedge Barrier is a shallow foundation wedge barrier that meets or exceeds all vehicle barrier standards established by the United States Department of Defense (DOD) and the United States Department of State ( TWO). As a result, the M50 P1 is included on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) DOD Approved Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers List in all available widths ranging from 8 feet to 14 feet. 5 feet. More specifically, this 2000 Series Wedge Barrier was tested to ASTM F2656-07 standards, resulting in its M50 P1 certification.


Gibraltar’s G-3000 Series Vertical Lifting Barriers are fully crash tested and certified in accordance with United States Department of State (DOS), DOD and ASTM F2656-07 standards. This M50 standard requires the G-3000 series barrier to withstand the impact of a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling at speeds up to 50 mph. The anti-ram vertical lift barrier achieved P1 certification in the 24-foot length and P2 certification in the 50-foot length.

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The G-3000 Series Vertical Lift Barriers are available in lengths from 24 to 50 feet, a length capable of crossing four standard 12-foot lanes of traffic with a single anti-ram barrier. This efficient and cost-effective solution eliminates the need for multiple smaller barriers and has therefore become the first choice for many military and civil entities around the world. In particular, larger installations with more than one lane of traffic at each entry point favor the G-3000 Series as its shock cables remain hidden from traffic, eliminating wear and tear, faults and reducing needs of maintenance.


Gibraltar’s selection of fixed swing arm barriers are designed shock rated and ASTM F2656-07 certified. Fixed swing arm barriers include M50 (K12), M40 (K8) and M30 (K4) rated swing arms, for a full range of anti-ram, anti-vehicle and crowd protection access points. The G-4000 Series Fixed Swing Boom Barriers are available in a variety of widths depending on the point of access and typically operate electrohydraulically. However, customers can choose to include a battery backup. Additionally, a fully manual counterweight system is also available, requiring no power to operate.


Gibraltar is a world leader in innovations in perimeter control, force protection and crowd control, and nowhere is this experience more remarkable than in the G-5000 series of anti-impact ram doors. Available in a variety of widths, foundation types, operating configurations, and opening styles, the G-5000 Series is the safest and most customizable anti-ram crash door in the industry. As always, each of the G-5000 Series Anti-Ram Shock Doors are shock-rated designed and fully certified to prevent unauthorized access to the most sensitive areas.
Gibraltar crash rated G-5000 series doors are available in engineering crash ratings from M30 (K4) to M50 (K12), the latter capable of stopping a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling at speeds of up to 50 mph. This superior stopping power makes the G-5000 series ideal for use in protecting vehicles, assets and personnel in a wide range of sectors including military bases, airports, power plants, water treatment plants, facilities chemicals and more. To that end, the G-5000 series meets all anti-terrorism and force protection (ATFP) and hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) requirements.


The G-5000 Series Shock Dampers are available in numerous access configurations, including sliding V-rail, sliding cantilever, double-leaf swing, and single-leaf swing models. Customers can choose between standard mount or surface mount, allowing for highly efficient and cost-effective installation without disrupting existing utilities. Additionally, all security gates are available in either electric or manual operating mode and accommodate multiple fascias, including palisade fences, chain links, and more.


The G-5550 is Gibraltar’s highest shock rated model tested to ASTM F2656-07 specifications and certified to M50 P2. This rating means that the G-5550 will stop a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling at 50 mph, providing maximum force protection, asset protection, and facility protection against high-speed vehicles and terrorist threats. For this reason, the G-5550 is ideal for placement at high-risk security checkpoints, including sensitive military and industrial applications.


In the past, perimeter barrier and anti-ram systems tended to be prohibitively expensive, due to their complicated installation methods, excessively deep foundations, and the consequent need for long building windows. As a result, many customers with high security needs requested an intelligently designed system with easier and more efficient installation, lower material and installation cost, and shallower and more manageable foundation depths. In response, the Gibraltar G-FORCE series was born. The G-FORCE series fulfills every requirement, offering an easier design and installation process, affordable yet high-quality, high-strength materials, and a broader range of foundation depths.
Previous Next Like systems of the past, the G-FORCE series provides optimal 360-degree protection of buildings, personnel, and safe assets. However, superior design and technology provide enhanced perimeter protection certified to ASTM F2656-07 M50 P1 (K12), ASTM F2656-07 M40 P2 (K8), and ASTM F2656-07 M30 P1 (K4), capable of withstanding impact. at speeds of 50 mph, 40 mph, and 30 mph.