Cooling System

Liebert EconoPhase Pumped Refrigerant Economizer (Air Models Only)

Liebert DSE air-cooled precision air conditioner is available with an optional Liebert EconoPhase pumped refrigerant economizer, which takes advantage of colder outside temperatures to cool critical facilities. This economizer uses the system refrigerant R410 as the fluid for the evaporator / condenser coils in normal operation. The two-phase characteristic of the fluid is 9 times better at transporting heat than glycol mixtures frequently found in compressor solutions. Not requiring a special econo-coil coil also saves energy on the evaporator fan. This revolutionary economizer makes the Liebert DSE with Liebert EconoPhase more efficient than chiller plants with a free cooling heat exchanger and is also more efficient than an air economizer free cooling system. This efficiency is achieved while eliminating the risks and maintenance issues faced with other free-cooling approaches.

Easy connection EC fans (EC fans)

They are designed to function optimally in the unit or under the floor. This makes the Liebert DSE a ideal system for data centers with and without raised floors. The easy-to-connect EC fans run at variable speeds, ensuring performance matches load and achieves the highest possible efficiency.
In spring and at night, the refrigerated economizer can partially operate in free cooling, which reduces the energy consumption of the compressor. If the return air has a temperature of 30 ° C, when the temperature outside drops enough (18 ° C is shown in the example, but can be achieved with higher temperatures with smaller loads), the Liebert EconoPhase works in partial economization. In this mode, the refrigerant bypasses the first air conditioning compressor in the room. EconoPhase pump one is activated and consumes just 0.6 kW – a net saving of over 90% compared to running the compressor. This results in a pPUE of 1.17 or a SCOP of 5.8.

Equipment Room Cooling – Needs and Concerns

In recent times, technological innovations have allowed global connectivity to become an important catalyst for business growth. This has led to companies that rely heavily on their support systems to ensure that their core applications are always performing efficiently.
However, most companies are unaware that the teams / processes that support operations also need an enabling environment to operate at their best efficiency all the time.

Do you need a false floor to organize the wiring?

At MTN services we are experts.


  • Advanced monitoring and control system specifically designed for technology room applications.
  • The best operating logic in the industry helps you quickly achieve accurate room set point conditions.
  • Remote monitoring capabilities through BMS help facilitate unmanned operations and quickly address critical warnings and alarms.
  • Self-diagnostic function helps service / maintenance process and dramatically reduces response time Ÿ Authenticated access to controls with 3-level protection helps restrict unauthorized access and tampering with system operations.