Physical Security

Physical security is the field that prevents material and human losses. It serves as a boundary that protects us from criminal attempts that could jeopardize our security and stability as a company and as individuals. It involves a combination of products and processes that prevent damage or theft of assets within a business or personal property.


Physical security aims to prevent incidents and any criminal attempts against property or human beings, as well as to create a plan to respond to such criminal acts, whether successful or unsuccessful.


At MTN Services, we offer different solutions that can be tailored to your security needs, including:

  • Video surveillance: Implementing high-performance video surveillance systems to monitor and record activities within and around the premises.
  • Access control: Implementing access control systems to restrict and monitor entry to specific areas or resources.
  • Intrusion detection: Deploying systems that detect and alert against unauthorized entry or intrusions.
  • Asset control: Implementing measures to track and control the movement of assets within the premises.
  • Automated personal control systems using biometric technology and integration with human resources systems.
  • Fiber-optic perimeter protection systems: Installing systems that provide robust perimeter security.
  • Entrance protection and vehicle barriers: Deploying systems to control access and secure entrances for vehicles.
  • High-performance video surveillance: Utilizing advanced video surveillance solutions with enhanced features.
  • Military-grade intruder detection systems for perimeter security.
  • Drone mitigation technology for sensitive areas.
  • Integration of Security Systems: Integrating access control with video surveillance, intrusion detection, radar systems, thermal cameras, etc., for effective control of authorized flow and management of assets, valuables, and people.
  • Autonomous Power Systems (PPU): Implementing autonomous power solutions for continuous security operation.


These solutions not only enhance physical security but also enable the digitalization of services and integration of the value chain within companies. This contributes to improved productivity and can help explore new business models. Additionally, these measures can assist in obtaining necessary certifications, such as the C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certification, which fosters trust with other market actors, including the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).


In summary, MTN services has the expertise to assist you with all your physical security requirements.

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