Physical Security

  • Integration of Security Systems: Video surveillance, access control, intrusion, asset control.
  • Automated personal control systems through biometric technology and integration of human resources systems.
  • Control of assets through RFID technology.
  • Fiber optic perimeter protection systems.
  • Entry protection systems and vehicle barriers (Road Blockers).
  • Reduction of procedures through the integration of AI, Video Intelligence and Management systems and Storage Arrays Networks (SAN).
  • Solid experience for more than 10 years in the market.
  • Success stories with large international corporations.
  • Integration of Technologies for Security of Values, Assets and People.
  • Experience and Certifications with different brands of the Maquiladora and National Market.
  • High performance video surveillance to solve security problems, such as: loss of large volume assets such as small ones inside clothing, people security, lack of vision of extended distances of 10 km or remote construction areas without telecommunications or power available, high maintenance cost, maintain and avoid loss of certification.
  • Military grade intrusion detection system for long perimeters via sensitive low power or fiber optic luminaires that will intimidate and persuade to stay away, drone mitigation technology for sensitive areas.
  • Access control technology with high-speed iris and fingerprint reader to minimize employee entry and exit times, integration of video surveillance cameras to prevent identity theft, effective control of doors, gates, turnstiles, lockers roads, cameras, POE speakers. Integration of Security Systems: Video surveillance, access control, intrusion, asset control.
  • Comprehensive Access Control Systems, Video Surveillance, Intrusion, Radars, Thermal Cameras, etc. for an Effective Control of Authorized Flow and Control of Values, Assets and People.
  • Autonomous Systems with Redundancy in communications and in Power Supply (PPU) or Low Consumption Systems.
  • A single multi-brand management platform to guarantee the efficiency of Control and flow of Information.
  • Federation communication for a Global administration with data replication between sites.
  • Digital transformation process of the different industrial organizations with the help of the latest technologies on the market related to the 4.0 ecosystem
  • In turn, these are technologies that favor the digitization of services and the integration of the value chain of companies. This contributes to improving productivity and can help open up new business models.

Video Surveillance Cameras

Solar cameras Sets

Military Grade Camera

Fiber optic intrusion detection


Video management systems

Smart Locks

volumetric movement sensors


Intrusion detection through radars

License plate recognition

Modular vehicular barrier


Energy system PPU

Control Room

Security monitoring rooms