Tariff solution

We design solutions for the intelligent control and administration of telecommunications.

We can provide strategic solutions to organizations to achieve maximum efficiency in the management of their Information Technology and Communications resources, which are designed and perfected day by day to meet the needs of all business sectors, offering a platform of effective solutions for the intelligent control and management of communications.


  • Fraud and extortion call detection module.

Avoid fraud and extortion-type calls automatically with numbers identified as malicious and updated in government bases.

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Specialized consulting

Get advice for hiring new telephone service plans, make clarifications with your providers, carry out historical audits, etc.

Expense management

Identify areas of opportunity in reducing costs in your mobile telephony.

IT inventory control

The service allows to maintain inventory management of IT assets, such as mobile equipment, laptops, IP phones, printers, among others.

Consumption reports on social networks

We monitor the history of your mobile services by registering the type of social network used by collaborator with amount of data, time consumed and time of day in which they were consumed.
Our platform is in communication with databases that register the numbers with a complaint of extortion. In this way, it compares, detects and blocks any call from numbers that are classified as malicious
  • Call Blocking Keep your associates safe by blocking fraudulent, extortion, spam or personal calls by creating your own blacklist of numbers.
  • View the status of your calls Monitor the telephone traffic of your company identifying by specific hours the total number of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Receive Notifications of Missed Calls Don’t miss out on leads, get notified when unanswered calls are logged, and increase your customer service.
  • Dashboards View key information according to your needs.
Avoid fraud and extortion-type calls automatically with numbers identified as malicious and updated in government bases.

It is important to consider the optimization of fixed and mobile telephony services. All the information can be exploited through reports and graphs that will allow you to identify savings opportunities through the optimization and visibility of your fixed and mobile services contracted.


Custom Reports

Access the information of the mobile lines assigned to collaborators through personalized reports that will allow you to obtain the use, consumption, amounts, trends, variations, etc.