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 If you want to be recognized as one of the leading data protection and security companies, you need to take advantage of the world-class security services that MTN has to offer. Our experience and commitment guarantee you the highest standards in business protection.

What is MTN and what are the services it provides?

access control, security, wiring, cybersecurity, video surveillance, cloud, backups, vulnerability, data protection, software, security camera

MTN is a company specialized in the integration of security systems, ranging from video surveillance and access control to intrusion systems and biometric technology for asset control and human resources management. In addition, MTN is responsible for providing and installing network infrastructure for voice, data, audio and video, as well as wireless solutions for both commercial and residential customers in the United States and Mexico.

Our high-performance video surveillance systems address various issues, such as improving video quality, guaranteeing recordings, surveillance in environments without light, detection of people infected by COVID to prevent the spread in commercial facilities, prevention of loss of assets hidden in clothing, vision at distances of up to 10 km, and coverage in remote construction areas without access to telecommunications or power, while reducing maintenance costs.


Industry 4.0

  • Fiber and UTP cabling: High-speed connections for data and communications.
  • Switching and routing: Manage network traffic and direct data to its destination.
  • Cooling system: Maintains the optimal temperature in facilities.
  • Infrastructure: Solid foundation for business and technology operations.


  • Monitoring system: Essential to monitor and optimize the performance of systems and applications in real time.
  • Backups and recovery plan: Data protection and operational continuity.
  • Private, public and hybrid clouds: They offer hosting options according to the needs and security required.
  • Virtual machines: Virtual resources that maximize efficiency and flexibility in the management of servers and applications.

Physical security

  • Security cameras: Real-time surveillance and event recording to protect properties.
  • Motion sensors: Detect movements and activate devices automatically.
  • Smart locks: Keyless access control, from mobile devices.
  • Road Blockers: Devices to control or restrict vehicular traffic.
  • And more.


  • Vulnerability analysis: Risk assessment in systems to strengthen security.
  • Anti-phishing prevention: Measures to prevent online phishing attacks.
  • Data protection: Safeguarding confidential information and privacy compliance.

Digital transformation

  • Telephony: Instant remote communication through voice and data.
  • Smart Boards: Interactive technology for presentations and teaching.
  • Generators: Backup power supply in case of power outages.
  • UPS: Uninterruptible power supply systems to protect equipment against electrical failures.

Home automation

  • High-impact rooms: Spaces designed for highly relevant and effective meetings and presentations.
  • Smart Controllers: Advanced devices to manage and automate systems and appliances.

In summary, MTN offers a wide range of products and services to boost the success of your business and optimize your energy efficiency. Trust MTN for a more sustainable and profitable future.

What are the most recognized brands that MTN handles?

MTN is a world-renowned company, known for the wide variety of prominent brands it uses in the manufacture of its products and in the services it provides to its business. Here are some of the most recognized brands that are part of the MTN universe.

  • 3CX: Offers business communication solutions based on VoIP.

  • APC: Manufactures power backup equipment such as UPS and power management solutions.

  • Arecont Vision: Specialized in high resolution security cameras.

  • Axis: Manufactures network cameras and video surveillance systems.

  • Dormakaba: Manufactures locks and security systems for buildings.

  • EcoStruxure: It is an energy management and industrial automation platform from Schneider Electric.

  • Electrical Components International: It is dedicated to the manufacture of electrical components and wiring systems.

  • Extron: Provides audiovisual signal distribution and control solutions.

  • Flir: It is dedicated to thermal imaging technology and surveillance systems.

  • Genetec: Provides security management and video surveillance software.

  • Gibraltar: Provides perimeter security systems, such as barriers and fences.

  • Hanwha: Manufacturer of security cameras and video surveillance systems.

  • Microsoft: Develops software, operating systems, and cloud services.

  • Optronics: Specializes in optical technology and LED lighting systems.

  • Panduit: Offers cabling and connectivity solutions for network and telecommunications infrastructures.

  • Rekor Hub: Offers vehicle license plate recognition and data analysis solutions.

  • Salto: It is dedicated to electronic access control systems.

  • Sentar: Specialized in cybersecurity and data protection services.

  • Toughdog: Specialized in video surveillance and electronic security equipment.

  • Total Ground: Offers solutions for grounding and protection against electric shock.

  • Vunetrix: Offers video monitoring and analysis solutions for security management.

MTN is a large-scale company that specializes in serving high-calibre companies, such as the maquiladora industry. We stand out for the successful execution of projects for large corporations, showing our commitment to the highly renowned business sector.

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