Home Automation

Home automation allows for the integration and control of systems such as lighting, climate control, appliances, security, blinds, energy management, entertainment systems, and other connected devices through a communication network. These systems can be remotely controlled from mobile devices, computers, or panels located in the home.


The main objective of home automation is to improve the quality of life, comfort, and energy efficiency of users by providing centralized control and management of different systems and devices.


Some of the services we handle include:

  • Automation of Services (Water, Air, Light, Gas, Climate, etc.).
  • IoT sensors for instrument control.
  • Monitoring equipment failures and wear.
  • Precise control of resources in an integral way.
  • Process automation to increase efficiency.
  • Lighting control: Adjusting and scheduling lighting levels to enhance ambiance and save energy.
  • Appliance management: Monitoring and controlling appliances remotely for convenience and energy efficiency.
  • Security systems: Integrating and controlling security cameras, alarms, and access control systems for enhanced safety.
  • Blinds and curtains control: Automating the opening and closing of blinds and curtains for privacy and energy efficiency.
  • Entertainment systems: Integrating audio, video, and multimedia devices for seamless control and immersive experiences.
  • Smart home integration: Connecting and controlling various smart devices and technologies for a fully integrated home ecosystem.

Multimedia rooms

smart Boards


Smart Controllers

Deployable Motorized Monitors

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