Switching & Routing


At EON Solution we can help in the appropriate design of a network structured in layers of operation starting with the Core layer that demands equipment that supports high flow of packets, mission-critical traffic from storage servers, virtualization, redundant interconnectivity by fiber optic equipment. of distribution switching in the internal network, main routing equipment for access to internet resources and corporate communications. Wireless resource management teams, content management servers, etc. Our team can also identify the most appropriate designs for the distribution and access layer to allow a fault tolerant network through redundancy of fiber communication paths, layer 3 routing, power redundancy which will allow data and video applications. and telephony operate in accordance with the desired performance standards.

Do you need a false floor to organize the wiring?

At MTN services we are experts.


We offer routing solutions that can include advanced analytics, application optimization, automated provisioning, built-in security, and telephony services with a high degree of reliability for mobility required by the latest Covid-19 remote work events.