Monitoring systems

We offer an active monitoring solution designed to protect against environmental threats and unauthorized access risks that can cause downtime in the IT infrastructure, both in Edge Compute environments and in data centers. With its integrated suite of sensors, compact access control devices and the new HD 165 camera device, NetBotz’s solution protects environments with flexible alerting and surveillance based on user-defined thresholds. Computing is rapidly approaching location on the periphery, increasing the risks of water damage, high temperatures and humidity, fire, or other conditions that reduce business-critical applications. Malicious or intentional access events not only threaten the availability of computers, but also make companies vulnerable to costly compliance violations. NetBotz provides integrated tagged rack access, surveillance and detection control to help mitigate these risks through a wide variety of compatible sensors, camera clip capture and storage, and configurable alarms.


  • Ready for compliance – The rack access control sets provide an audit trail of who has access to the cabinets, so the organization can easily comply with data security standards.
  • Native Wireless Sensor Support – Manages up to 47 NetBotz wireless temperature and temperature and humidity sensors from a single NetBotz unit
  • Physical access control – Allow authorized persons to access equipment through a proximity card authentication system.
  • Surveillance – Detect and record movement so that visual recording can be combined with an access or environmental alert, speeding up root cause analysis

Monitoring and security with NetBotz

Security and environmental monitoring of network cabinets for data centers


Take Advantage of NetBotz and the IP Camera

  • Technology to monitor IT assets remotely
  • EcoStruxure IT Expert and NetBotz
  • Surveillance package allows multiple site camera views on a single page

Environmental monitoring

  • Wide range of wired and wireless sensor support to monitor the health of your IT assets
  • Temperature, humidity, leak, door, smoke, vibration, dew point, airflow, dry contact, 4-20 mA and 0-5 V

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Management capabilities

Alarm allows alerts, multiple notification methods, scheduling, graphic and video attachments, escalation.
Integrate with EcoStruxure IT Expert to manage multiple NetBotz devices through a single interface and view historical alarms and sensor data.

APC rack access control options

Access control 125 kHz

Access control 13.56 MHz

Access control 13.56 MHz