Smart locks

Access control systems for all types of facilities: from small offices to large corporate buildings.


Know what is happening in your installation at all times, safely and easily.
Emergencies: Remote
opening / closing.


The cards / keys / mobile of the users as a secure element to give and remove permissions, and control the movements and schedules of the users with maximum security.


User access management.
What door?


Flexibility in managing permissions, from anywhere, from any device. Real time monitoring.


A reliable, secure solution adapted to each type of access and need for an access point.


A comprehensive access control solution, tailored to your needs and without cables.


SALTO smart access control technology does not need cables and is based on read and write technology for proximity keys and mobile technology.


Compatible with all types of doors: – Wooden and metal doors, – Glass / glass door – Escape routes; – Automatic doors


Complete solutions, specifically addressing the management needs of each building / client regardless of its size.

Real-time access control

Wireless, easy to install and battery powered only. The communication infrastructure between the locks and their connection points allows the exchange of information from the PC to the wireless doors, carrying out the management and control of all access points in real time.

Wireless infrastructure

Real-time access control Wireless manages your access easily in case of loss of connectivity, the jump locks remain operative in offline mode, solving problems related to the management of the key, doors and users in real time.

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We have what you need

Designed to adapt to any type of door and compatible with existing mortise locks.
Designed to adapt to any type of door
Wireless online technology. Remote openings, changes in the closing plan, cancellation of keys, online maintenance, etc.
Intuitive and easy-to-manage software. Extensive configuration possibilities for an adapted permission structure.

Your smartphone, your key

Thanks to the flexibility and functionality that is achieved by incorporating mobile technology, the user experience is improved and, at the same time, an increase in productivity is achieved by extending access control to workers with continuous movements or with very dynamic access levels.
Simple and intuitive your smartphone your Justin key the ideal solution for any type of door and smartphone, at your fingertips. Justin mobile app allows the end user to receive their keys online. The end of lost key problems.

Proaccess space

The management software for access control and security that allows system administrators to manage the installation through keys, doors and user profiles. Your best ally to integrate and manage the security of your building comfortably and in a flexible, efficient and unified way.

ProAccess SPACE

Web Interface

ProAccess SPACE


ProAccess SPACE

Easy to install

ProAccess SPACE


ProAccess SPACE


ProAccess SPACE

Online Monitoring

Salto KS

The security and management of your installation, in your hands. Without the need for complex installations or wiring, it offers you the features of an online wired system with 100% autonomous electronic locks and cylinders.

Access control platform

SALTO SYSTEMS with its technology overcomes the traditional limitations of access control systems and optimizes security and facility management. SALTO converts existing traditional mechanical locks into intelligent wireless access control devices and integrates them into a single

Electronic Locks

They don’t need cables and provide endless features. The XS4 range of electronic locks has been designed to fit most existing doors and mortise locks.

Electronic Cylinders

For those doors where it is not possible to install an electronic lock, SALTO’s range of electronic cylinders is the ideal solution.

Wall Readers

Wall readers allow, in combination with SALTO Control Units, the expansion of the benefits of access control to those doors where it is not possible to install an autonomous electronic lock.

Electronic locks

Available in a black or white finish, it can be further customized with a large number of handles.
Designed to be installed and adapted to any type of door, including those with a metal profile, and compatible with most mortise locks and mechanical cylinders on the market.
Electronic keypad locks are the perfect solution for applications where greater security and flexibility are needed in the users’ closing plan.
The design of the XS4 range for glass doors makes it compatible with all types of glass doors and partitions, even those that already have a lock or are already machined.

Electronic cylinders

The design and compact size of SALTO’s electronic cylinders make them the perfect electronic master key solution for any type of door. Flexible and highly reliable.
Improve data center management and security with the electronic cylinder for server and rack cabinets.
The cam itself acts as a locking mechanism that is activated when the access card is presented, oscillating between 180 and 90 degrees.


Wall readers / control units

A wide range of wall readers allows, in combination with SALTO Control Units, the expansion of the benefits of access control to those doors where it is not possible to install an autonomous electronic lock.
SALTO proximity wall readers fuses maximum security with the most advanced identification technology for automatic doors, turnstiles or access barriers.
Option of integrating a numeric reader, allowing additional security by combining a personal identification number (PIN code) and user keys.
Accessories for surface and / or surface installation and protect the readers from possible aggressions and hostile environments.
Designed specifically for installation in doors with narrow profile frames and in places where there is not enough space to install a standard modular wall reader.