Instrusion detection through radars

We have advanced radar technology for security and perimeter protection. Low-cost, low-power, high-performance radars that can be easily integrated into VMS, PSIM, and other existing control software. Continuous wide-area coverage and surveillance dramatically reduces the number of sensors required while improving detection ranges and capabilities in all lighting and weather conditions. In the long run, it also frees up surveillance personnel. Airport security and surveillance is essential to ensure that airports and air travel are safe. The radar system provides a complete 360 degree airport perimeter surveillance solution for airports. Easy to install, integrate and maintain, making them the most efficient perimeter detection and protection on the market.
Car lots are often exposed to theft due to high vehicle traffic throughout the day. Our solution provides complete coverage of critical areas of car lots, detecting intruders before they reach the properties. Likewise, auto dealerships are continually exposed to car theft. $ 5.9 trillion was lost to vehicle theft in 2016. When it comes to parking lots, car thieves often break into dealerships at night to steal keys or to take vehicles during test drives. Alarms and cameras provide only a partial solution, as their detection capabilities are limited in certain lighting and weather conditions.
Data centers are often exposed to hacking attempts to steal information and intellectual property. Therefore, they must be monitored 24 hours a day, allowing access only to authorized persons. Data centers cover a large area creating surveillance with only expensive and difficult to maintain security cameras. The Magos Radar system solves this problem by its coverage capacity. The radar will detect intruders and alert security personnel.
Magos radars use state-of-the-art solid-state radar technology to detect movement around the perimeter of the airport or in critical areas within the airport.
We provide a wide detection area with a full 360-degree surveillance zone. Moving objects are detected well in advance so that security personnel can act before incidents occur. Surveillance of the perimeter of the water treatment plant is easily configured using the Magos radar system. Once deployed, remote security personnel can monitor radar information for early intrusion attempts. It is increasingly important to protect our drinking water from terrorist attacks. Pollution of our drinking water is a real threat and steps need to be taken to ensure the security of the country’s water supply.
Provides comprehensive reports on archive activity, cost savings, and projected storage growth. These can help you optimize the way your infrastructure is used and deployed, as well as support your future planning.

Prisons must be high security facilities, on alert 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fast and accurate detection via radar will help detect prison break attempts or external smuggling attempts. The highly effective Magos radar will provide early detection of oncoming people and vehicles with fewer sensors and better perimeter detection capabilities. Security personnel can then determine the best course of action to take.
Magos radars provide prison facilities with a perimeter security and detection system that will detect prisoners trying to escape or unwanted people approaching the prison perimeter. The radar will immediately detect people and other moving objects in the detection zone around the perimeter of the prison. The radar will then point to PTZ cameras and thermal imaging cameras to further investigate the threat.

Prision perimeter in all water conditions: 

Magos radars work in all weather conditions, they will not be hampered by rain, snow dust or fog. The radar system uses state-of-the-art technology to overcome harsh weather conditions. Since the radar is solid state with no moving parts, minimal maintenance is required, making it a cost-effective and reliable prison perimeter security solution.

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Any weather condition

Radars are the most popular detection means and are optimal as a cost-effective solution to protect the airport perimeter with minimal installation and maintenance costs. The C-Band FCC Certified technology used in our radar system is designed to operate efficiently in all weather and lighting conditions. The ability to detect in all weather conditions and in any light condition puts our solution ahead of other airport perimeter detection and surveillance solutions.

Integrated with surveillance cameras

Magos radars easily integrate into existing VMS and PSIM software and quickly enable PTZ turn-to-signal capabilities. Our radars consume very little power (<3.5 W) and require little bandwidth. Thus, it presents a highly effective deployable security solution that can be quickly deployed in the event of a malfunction or breach in the existing perimeter security system.