Smart boards

With a minimalist design concept while offering intuitive interactions, we offer you an excellent sound and video performance smart board. For both local meetings and teleconferences, participants can instantly visualize their ideas.

Sewing Speakers

Creative acoustic structure


Bridging the gap

Automatic zoom

On speaker




NTSC color gamut

Android 9.0 / Windows 10

Exceptional performance

Do you need the best technology for videoconferences?

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12 MP Camera: Improved Audio and Video Capability

During the meeting session, the smart board camera can deliver unprecedented clarity, even after zooming in on the speaker. 12MP provides enough space for image compression with higher signal-to-noise ratio. While we have a Full HD video conference, the image sensor would calculate based on the light information collected in more than 4 pixels to form a single pixel. Therefore, the proportion of electrical noise in the circuit would be greatly reduced, increasing the clarity and saturation of the image.

Connectors for all needs.

An added USB Type-C port shares the screen with the MAXHUB smart board and allows reverse touch control from the touch screen. Meanwhile, it also allows access to the built-in camera and microphone array. Now you can enjoy a camera with a wide viewing angle and 8 meters of voice capture functions on your laptop. Additionally, MAXHUB supports extension mode via Type-C.

High precision infrared touch system.

IR touch technology gives you a natural writing experience in Classic Series. The Classic series and the Vogue series have reduced the tactile height by 57%. The writing height is reduced to less than half that of the previous generation, providing an even more paper-like writing experience. MAXHUB V5 also increases the writing accuracy of previous models. Now the writing precision is within plus or minus 1mm, helping to make accurate annotations.

Improved performance.

The optional Android or Windows module will improve the performance and reliability of the operating system. The Android module provides a more direct form of human-computer interaction, while the PC module would offer greater security, wider compatibility, and more powerful performance. Either module would make the smart board a useful tool in the office.