Fiber optic intrusion detection

Protecting critical operations in sensitive government or business areas is possible by combining various solutions with state-of-the-art security technology as the first layer of protection, facilities such as nuclear power plants, penal, manufacturing, border protection have the senstar fiber patrol system that works by means of the installation of a dielectric sensor fiber installed in a cyclonic mesh, wall or buried in such a way that when the intruder tries to cross any area of the sensitive perimeter, it will cause a vibration alerting the precise location in the central monitoring graphical interface, simultaneously activating a horn / strobe in the area with a deterrent message to the intruder as well as the automatic positioning of cameras to allow security managers to observe the event and speak with the intruder from a safe location to carry out the necessary mitigation actions.
The fiber sensor for perimeter security is maintenance-free, does not require power on the field, can be configured with immunity to cut for extended distances, it also allows distribution of network services to dispersed cameras in the field on the same fiber, allowing savings by avoiding duplication of facilities. Proven military grade technology with minimal false alarms ensuring a long investment life.
Senstar’s fiber optic sensor provides long-term covert third-party interference (TPI) protection for buried pipes. In addition, it can be configured to provide intrusion detection of people, vehicles, and tunnel activity. The FiberPatrol sensor detects and locates minute vibrations in the ground. Depending on the application, burial medium, and detection configuration, FiberPatrol can detect excavations, perforations, or soil disturbances near a pipe’s right-of-way, as well as nearby vehicles, human intruders, and tunnel activity.
To reduce the vulnerability of electrical infrastructure, governments and regulatory organizations are instituting critical infrastructure protection (CIP) programs. While these programs vary from region to region, their overall purpose regarding physical security remains the same: to protect electrical installations from physical attacks that could threaten the stability and operation of the electrical grid distribution system. Such programs require operators to implement physical security measures designed to collectively deter, detect, delay, assess, communicate, and respond to potential threats and vulnerabilities. Senstar, with its broad portfolio of perimeter intrusion detection sensors, video management software, and video analytics, can provide effective, field-proven solutions that help operators meet regulatory recommendations.

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With intelligent video management, video analytics, access control and innovative perimeter intrusion detection systems. Senstar offers a complete set of proven and integrated technologies that reduce complexity, improve performance, and unify support. Senstar products have protected critical assets around the world for 40 years. The key to success is the ability to provide cutting-edge security and risk management solutions, backed by deep industry knowledge and first-class support. Senstar solutions enable clients to gain insight and business intelligence at various levels of an organization, thereby improving risk management and decision-making.
Optimized for use with surveillance camera systems, the Senstar LM100 provides localized, uniform and configurable lighting along the fence line. Uniform coverage enables cameras to operate at a higher dynamic range, ensuring that objects and people are illuminated and avoiding the generation of dark silhouettes against bright backgrounds. Each LM100 luminaire also includes built-in accelerometer technology to detect any attempts to cut, climb, or lift the fence fabric. The luminaires communicate with each other via a self-healing wireless mesh network to transmit information to the local security system (such as sirens and cameras) and / or to a networked SMS.
Works with any fence

The Senstar LM100 is easy to install. The luminaires use worm-screw clamps to attach to existing fence posts, while integrated mounting flanges allow installation on walls and other structures. The luminaires can be installed at different heights so as not to interfere with the existing overhangs on the fence. Communication between luminaires is handled through an encrypted self-healing mesh network, eliminating the need to install communications wiring along the fence line.

Door guard

Senstar LM100 luminaires can be installed on swing doors to provide detection, and the area of ​​the door itself can be configured as a separate detection zone. The door latches can be monitored via the Senstar LM100’s programmable I / O ports. Sliding doors are often protected with Senstar’s wireless door sensor or UltraWave microwave sensor.