Volumetric movement sensors

Dual technology volumetric intrusion sensor that integrates a unique patented microwave design (called Stereo Doppler) and passive infrared. These two complementary technologies must be activated simultaneously to generate a general sensor alarm. The microwave portion detects the movement of the intruder, while the passive infrared portion detects a change in infrared radiation when an intruder moves through the area.
Advanced signal processing for each of the two technologies enables immunity to randomly move targets such as vibrations, swaying signs, and moving vegetation. The special filtering provides exceptional immunity to birds and small animals. PIRAMID sensors offer reliable volumetric detection (and protection) in the most extreme environmental conditions.
PIRAMID XL2 sensors have a very wide range of applications. For optimal performance, it is best to use the PIRAMID XL2 as a volumetric sensor to protect specific assets and strategic areas. Generally, the sensor is not used along a perimeter fence area as an outdoor infrared barrier.PIRAMID XL2 is to be used in a controlled fenced area and the applications are limitless, such as lumber yards, car dealerships and rental facilities, auto body shops, plumbing and maintenance yards, equipment rental yards, private residences, remote satellite sites, greenhouses, public swimming pools, parking lots, military motor pools, jails, warehouses, or any controlled outdoor area where there is a risk of terrorism, vandalism, sabotage, or theft.
Advanced signal processing for each of the two technologies provides immunity to randomly moving targets such as vibrations, moving vegetation, and temperature variations. The special filtering allows exceptional immunity to birds and small animals. The high-frequency antenna consists of a 24 GHz frequency transmitter (in the K-band) and a receiver with a Doppler effect that detects signal variations caused by the passage of an object in the area. To trigger an alarm, both technologies must detect an intrusion.

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Dual Element Infrared Sensor: Ignores normal temperature variations, but is highly sensitive to rapid movement by an intruder.


Stereo Doppler Microwave Sensor: Two receiving channels with the ability to eliminate vibration and periodically moving objects as sources of false alarms.


Microprocessor Controlled: Patented IC design provides enhanced digital signal processing for microwave and passive infrared technologies.


Balanced Temperature Compensation: The passive infrared and stereo Doppler microwave portions automatically adjust the detection parameters to compensate for range losses that occur at elevated temperatures.


Stereo Doppler Monitoring: A component failure will cause the sensor to lock into alarm.


Digital Range Control: The ten-position digital switch adjusts the distance the sensor detects (at its maximum range).


Digital Sensitivity Control: The ten-position digital switch adjusts the amount of movement required to initiate an alarm condition.

Main Alarm LEDs: Displayed on the front of the unit to indicate the status of the alarm relay.


Analytical LEDs: Environmental Caution and Alarm LEDs for both technologies are displayed on the front of the sensor. An internal switch can disable both the master and analytical LEDs.


Walk Test Minisounder: Audible tester to aid in walk test and initial sensor setup. The XL walk test minisounder greatly simplifies installation by allowing walk test and adjustment by a single installer.


Swivel mount: 180 degree horizontal adjustment 90 degree vertical adjustment.


Tamper Proof: Tamper switch with terminal connection.


All Solid State Relays: User selectable Form C relay output. A solid state relay is flexible, quiet, and more reliable than an electromechanical relay.