Elevated floor

Elevated floor offers an unlimited lower space for the installation of electric power, voice and data cables, allowing to quickly and easily adapt changes in the furniture arrangements, with the besco floor system, the adaptations, remodeling and relocation of areas Complete jobs are done in minimal time and at a very low cost.

Elevated floor solution

Elevated floor solution system is made up of plates in modules of 60 x 60 cm., Aluminum support structure, with or without crossbars, finished in high pressure laminated plastic with antistatic properties.
The client must provide a dry accessible area, free of leaks and humidity, with a free path to the elevators and or to the reception area of the raised floor.

Do you need a false floor to organize the wiring?

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Before and during installation, it is recommended that the place where the besco false floor will be installed is safe, dry and closed with a recommended environment, 40 ° to 90 ° F and a relative humidity of 35% to 70%, 24 hrs. a day before and after installation.
The floor surface must be free of water, dust and dirt. Once the false floor is installed it must be maintained in a similar way.
Product design and certification.
Besco false floor system, composed of removable modular floor panels, supported on pedestals and crossbars that form an accessible lower space, to accommodate electrical, voice and data installations, air conditioning services, and other facilities that are required for operation of the place. All raised floor modules must be interchangeable with each other, with the exception of those that were specially cut for wall or column fittings.
Resistance tests to concentrated loads in accordance with “Recommended Test Procedures for Access Flooring” as established by the Ceiling and Interior Systems Construction Association (CISCA). These procedures will be used as a guideline when presenting product information.
The product test must be carried out by a Prestige Institution, which is independent and in accordance with the methods established by CISCA.