A power backup is Indispensable in critical facilities, UPSs perform vital work to ensure the correct operation of equipment and avoid data loss. Thanks to its batteries, the UPS allows it to continue supplying electrical power to any connected device in the event of a blackout or electrical interruption.

The quality of the electricity supply that reaches our facilities is not always stable, something can seriously affect the correct operation of these critical equipment.


The UPS allows a constant and quality supply to arrive, filtering and regulating peaks or noise, protects us and guarantees the continuity of the service if there is an electrical blackout. It is our insurance and guarantee of continuity in the service.

They help to improve the quality of the electrical energy that reaches the loads by filtering increases and decreases in voltage and frequency and even eliminating harmonics in a certain type of UPS. In short, it provides equipment with clean and stable power and insurance against power outages.

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