Easily control operations at scale in real time with a complete system designed for rapid response. Monitoring and control is made easy through X-Sign software and plug-and-play MDA software. Ultra thin bezel between screens and 4K / 2K ultra high definition, the screens ensure the best quality without interruption, ideal for security, weather or traffic control rooms.

Incredible 4K Clarity with Image Cascade by Dispaly Port

Clear, accurate and real-time visual information can be displayed with an Ultra Thin Bezel Display. Taking advantage of DisplayPort 1.1a image cascade technology, BenQ has designed an impressive 4K UHD screen capable of displaying content through a video wall installation of up to 15 × 15 without requiring splitters.

OPS Slot for an All-In-One Video Wall Solution

To increase versatility, the Ultra Thin Bezel Display complies with the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) standard, allowing operators to insert optional modules into the Display to expand connectivity and functionality without the need for an external content player.

Compatible with Multiple Display Administrator Software (MDA)

Optimize centralized scheduling and monitoring with BenQ’s powerful Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software. By giving the operator full control, the MDA gives him control over all displays, reducing total cost of ownership and energy consumption. Switching from one screen to another or scheduling CCTV broadcasts is made easy with MDA.

Compatible with Color Correction Application

Color calibration software saves time by matching the color profiles of a videowall accurately and efficiently. After the software detects color irregularities with your meter, a simple touch of the calibration key automatically generates a uniform color profile that is distributed to connected displays. A complete videowall can be calibrated in seconds.

55 ″ ultra slim bezel display | PL552

The PL552 screen is perfect for creating a videowall by means of cascading (daisy chain), with great image quality and easy configuration, with full HD resolution and a 3.5mm bezel.

49 ″ ultra-slim bezel display | PL490

The PL490 screen is perfect for creating a videowall by means of cascading (daisy chain), with great image quality and easy configuration, with full HD resolution and a 3.5mm bezel.

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Accelerating the customer experience in the age of millennials

BenQ aims to help you create engaging digital in-store experiences that enhance your customer relationship in the consumer, professional and business world. Digital signage products are designed to help you implement your customer engagement strategy.

Environmental care

There is a commitment to the environment in all aspects in terms of manufacturing and operations throughout the manufacture of the product, safeguarding the development of products, technologies and business processes.

Superior product design

With a high and complete range of distinctive hardware and software and thoughtful features, BenQ digital signage products integrate the greatest flexibility and versatility in deployment, configuration and management.

Operation 24/7

A staggering 50,000 hour life translates into years of uninterrupted, reliable display service, industrial-class performance far more economical than consumer models.

Environmental care

To guarantee and maintain the success of the solution that your digital signage implementation entails, as part of the effort to provide quality in a comprehensive digital signage solution, various software applications have been incorporated for the installation of the system and management, in addition to several types of mounting products.

Diverse offer of screens

PID panels are designed to offer a longer service life and above all greater reliability and environmental adaptability for a wide range of locations. They are designed to empower your message, and ultimately your business, with a low total cost of ownership, solid quality, and outstanding performance.

High brightness

A high level of brightness of up to 700 nits is achieved on both sides of the ultra-thin screen to support indoor and semi-outdoor applications

Optimized for portrait and landscape mode

To ensure a flawless portrait display, a frame with more solid fixation points are employed on all edges to avoid “Mura” image distortion commonly seen on vertically positioned consumer screens.