What is cloud storage and how does it work?

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The cloud refers to computers that are connected to the internet with large-capacity disks that can store a large amount of files.


Cloud storage is a way of storing data through servers where data is stored in virtual storage spaces instead of physical ones. This conceptually breaks down the outdated idea of storing data in physical sites such as hard drives, flash drives, USB, etc.

The cloud: How does it work and what can be done on it?

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The operation of this server is very simple, companies dedicated to providing cloud storage services enable servers where they offer spaces to store data. People and companies who wish to do so contract and use this type of storage.


There are two types of storage, the Front End, which is the part formed by the client’s computer and the application they need to use the system. On the other hand, the Back End is located on the servers and data storage systems that provide the cloud service.


The utilities are varied and largely depend on the services themselves.


  • They allow for synchronized file folders across multiple devices, meaning that all changes made by each authorized user in the document will be saved immediately.


  • They offer the possibility of automatically backing up the photos taken with a mobile phone.


  • On these platforms, a backup of our entire system can be stored, whether it be a PC or mobile, in case we need to restore the device after a problem. It is the safest way to store all the information contained in our devices and recover it in case of loss or accident.

What are the advantages of storing data in the cloud?

Working with cloud data storage provides users and businesses with many advantages, some of which are:


  • It provides the possibility of accessing files wherever and whenever desired without the need for physical storage devices.


  • Reduces hardware costs for businesses as it is not necessary to have powerful computers with large memory.


  • They have unlimited capacity, which is very important, especially for companies that need a large storage capacity.


  • It has high reliability in maintaining files safely as servers have multiple copies of the data that has been uploaded.


  • It allows for easy and fast sharing of large files, often being the solution for those who frequently share heavy files limited by other platforms.


  • Storing here allows for real-time backup.


In conclusion, cloud data storage brings great benefits for the user or company that opts to take advantage of it, as it provides security, privacy and feasibility.

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