What is Data Protection?

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Data protection refers to the set of practices, laws and policies that aim to protect the privacy and personal information of individuals. With the increasing amount of data being collected and processed, it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure that this data is handled responsibly and securely.


In this blog we will explore the basics of data protection and its importance in today’s society.


Data Protection is the activity or function of safeguarding and protecting the information of the organization and / or the individual itself, whether it is our personal data or our data within the company, all these valuable assets are important because any data can be used to our detriment, either by identity theft, theft of passwords, or confidential data that our competitors and / or enemies can use against us or deny us the use of our own information.

Best Practices

Data protection, Security.

Information is power and nowadays not only that, but nowadays information is the most valuable thing that an organization has, be it public or private. Likewise, for individuals, information can be used for positive things or it can seriously damage the reputation if used with bad intentions, this can go from image damage to patrimonial damages or extortion.


Having said that, information can influence both individuals and companies.


Now, for companies, information is the blood that keeps them alive, information and data are used to nourish their operations, to have activities and relationships with others in the market, it is their action and business environment, it’s the raw material that sustains all their operations and if there are information leaks, it has incalculable negative consequences.


In recent times no organization has escaped a virus attack of any kind, the most dangerous for the development of the operations of a company are the so-called Data Hijacking or Ransomware.


In recent days the attacks called Ransomware have been successful with an alarming frequency, last year no less than 23% of organizations in Mexico have been attacked by this type of Malware, which is increasing day by day, as the growth rate is 600% and the worst thing is that even multinationals have been spared from these attacks, and that they have a very high budget in InformationSecurity.

The power of Data Protection and Cybersecurity

Our data is our greatest intangible value today and our organizations have the duty to protect it, for this there are several options in the market that help us to this goal.

How can MTN Services help you in Data Protection?

In MTN Services help our goal is to be consultative for our customers, this means that we apply our knowledge and experience to make recommendations, consulting, engineering and support with quality, with excellent service in search of excellent projects that promote the business of our customers.


These solutions that we provide in MTN are turnkey solutions, so we provide everything you need to take from start to finish the project, taking care of all the details so that the customer does not neglect your business as we worry and solve.


In conclusion, cyber security in data protection is essential to protect the privacy and personal information of individuals in an increasingly digital world. Data protection laws and policies are essential to ensure that data is handled responsibly and securely. It is important that we all take steps to protect our personal information and contribute to a culture of privacy and security online.

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