Benefits in the Installation of Volumetric Movement Sensors

When talking about a volumetric detector we are generalizing. In this way, all types of detectors that are capable of determining the volume of a particular object are understood, or referred to. Although it is a not very technical way to refer to them, it constitutes a reality that encompasses them all, since there are different types, each with its own particular characteristics.


Outdoor dual technology volumetric motion sensors offer us an extraordinary combination of Microwave Doppler and Passive Infrared technology to provide volumetric protection for various outdoor applications.


With 15m x 12m intrusion detection, the sensors are designed for reliable detection of walking and running vertical targets. The High Security Motion Sensor offers enhanced detection capability for crawling or crawling targets.


The signal for each of the two technologies allows immunity to randomly moving targets such as vibration, oscillation signs, and moving vegetation.


The special filtering provides exceptional immunity to birds and small animals. The sensors offer reliable volumetric detection in the most extreme environmental conditions.


The volumetric motion sensors are configured for a certain operation, both elements of technology must be activated simultaneously to trigger the security alarm.


The sensors include two microwave receiver channels capable of eliminating vibration and periodically moving objects as sources of false alarms.


For optimal performance it is best to use the volumetric sensor to protect specific assets and strategic areas. The sensor is not used along a perimeter fence area as an outside infrared barrier.


A dual infrared element detector ignores normal temperature variations; but it has a high response to rapid infrared changes created by intruders.


Key benefits:


1.- Digital sensitivity and range control.
2.- Balanced temperature compensation.
3.- Enhanced immunity control for birds / small animals
4.- Tamper-proof design.
5.- Strong and waterproof metal housing, which protects against RFI and EMI interference.
6.- Cover for climatic conditions.

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