What every Maintenance Manager needs to know about the inspection and maintenance of fire protection systems.


It is vital to provide the necessary maintenance and tests to the fire prevention and protection equipment regularly, they must be inspected and tested with some regularity to ensure that they work correctly, since they are useless in an emergency if it presents any complication, but why should we take care of that? In this blog we will give you 4 main reasons:


  1. To safeguard the security of your business, home and inhabitants. The most obvious reason for planning regular fire system inspections and tests is to keep the building and its occupants safe from this catastrophe. A fire alarm system plays a crucial role in alerting people to the fire and can end up saving lives and of course property.


  1. Because the law requires it. In addition to supervising fire alarms for safety reasons, it is also essential to attend to civil protection requirements, giving owners the assurance that all inspection and testing requirements are met to ensure proper system operation, in particular. the case of any audit or review. In Mexico, the Official Mexican Standard (NOM) NOM-002-STPS-2010  in Reference Guide VI, covers the Recommendations on Maximum Periods and Activities Related to the Review and Testing of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment (not mandatory). The one that is mandatory is the Civil Protection tax, the fire department, building occupant safety policies, corporate risk prevention management, your insurer. Civil Protection and the fire department base their criteria on what is stipulated in the NOM, while insurers and security policies are commonly based on the guidelines of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)  


  1. To lower the insurance policy. Every business wants to save as much money as possible, and properly installed and well-maintained fire protection systems can help receive discounts on insurance policies. Maintaining a strict and professional fire system inspection and testing procedure decreases liability for possible injuries, and an insurance claim will be denied if there is evidence of regular inspections, tests and maintenance.


  1. To take care of your clients and your capital. Fortunately not all fires cost lives, but unfortunately every fire costs something, whether it’s lost customers, jobs or money, a fire can be detrimental to a business, the vast majority of small businesses that experience a major fire never return to open, and the small percentage of businesses that do reopen almost always experience a loss of customers as a result of temporary shutdowns, of course, fires are also extremely expensive because the cost of repairs is a huge burden on the companies.

To prevent a catastrophe from ruining your business, EON has the best fire suppression system, Fike, it is designed to extinguish fire hazards as quickly as possible, minimizing smoke and even water damage. Unlike traditional water sprinklers, each of the solutions are automatic and fast-acting. Fike suppression systems are designed to detect and chemically suppress an explosion in its early stages, before an explosion can cause disaster or become catastrophic. Fike’s clean agent fire suppression system uses the patented rupture disc valve design which offers additional flexibility, effectiveness and speed with little or no downtime.




  • They require minimal container storage space.
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).
  • Low global warming potential (GWP).
  • Short atmospheric life.
  • They are safe to use in busy areas.
  • At EON we will make sure to keep the fire protection system regularly inspected and tested with the manufacturer’s test and inspection equipment.



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