Cloud storage variants: Know the differences

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The importance of cloud storage is due to the fact that people generate more and more information from systems, and this doesn’t necessarily have to be on an external device. Its purpose is related to the flexibility it has, as it can be accessed from any device.


Cloud storage has given rise to a great digital transformation, as a change has occurred not only in the access to information, but also in the amount of services and solutions that emerged from it.

What variants does cloud storage have?

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Depending on the properties, limitations, and access to information they present, there are different types of storage that the user or company must consider before making the decision on the type of cloud storage to invest in. There are three different variants that must be known:


  • Public cloud storage: which has few restrictions for access to information. It is the most used option by users due to its low or zero cost and the feasibility it has, as well as being ideal for personal use, small entrepreneurs, and professionals who are starting to build their portfolios.


  • Private cloud storage: Has better performance in terms of security and customization, and can sometimes have much larger storage capacities. It is a type of storage that is more commonly used by companies, as they require high storage capacities and security for their information.


  • Hybrid cloud storage: Arises from a mixture of the previous two and is usually used when a data reserve is required, and at the same time, a portion of it is desired to be public.

How do the variants differ?

It is very simple to differentiate the types of storage available because their name makes it clear, but below we discuss in detail what makes each type of storage different.


Public clouds share a computer infrastructure with different users, business units, and companies. However, these shared computing environments aren’t suitable for all businesses, such as those with mission-critical workloads, security concerns, uptime requirements, or management needs. Instead, these businesses can provide a portion of their existing data center on-premises in the form of a private cloud.


Additionally, private clouds offer hosting services to a limited number of people behind a firewall, reducing security concerns that some organizations have about the cloud, as being private gives companies direct control over their data.


As well, a private cloud provides the same basic services as a public cloud, including self-service and scalability, but it also provides the ability to provision machines, change computing resources on demand, and tailor machines for complex computing tasks.


We can say, then, that the choice of cloud storage will depend on the strategy you want to use, without forgetting that this must always be considered within the strategies you have in mind to implement.

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