The benefits of having a License Plate Recognition (LPR)

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Today, thanks to technological advances, it has been possible to implement technology as a fundamental tool in companies to improve efficiency in their processes. As it is in the case of security, a very important issue to consider, since many times there are vehicles that skip safety regulations or do not comply with certain requirements to enter a restricted area.


Nowadays, it is possible to make use of the LPR license plate recognition system (LPR system) used to identify and register the vehicles that enter or leave a parking lot, achieving a great control of vehicle license plates, and therefore greater security.


This great tool not only allows to be focused on parking lots, but also in those public and private facilities that require surveillance, a certain control and have a record of vehicles entering an area. 


This system makes it more efficient to have controlled a corporate area, among some others that opt for a suitable system to control their security, the LPR system is suitable for cars, motorcycles and trucks, thanks to this system you can get automatic access through the plate and know more about the type of vehicle, you can have better control of access to places. This great system could benefit society in terms of security, installing security systems throughout the city, since it is occasional that there are thefts of vehicles, suspicious vehicles entering the malls, or the kidnapping of people, among other activities that could help reduce crime and human trafficking. 


A benefit, is the system that already has a proper control of when you can enter a desired place, through the LPR security cameras will detect the license plate and, if it is on the white list in the system, allows you to open the barrier automatically or manually from the software, this same to allow entry to the car, but if in given case it becomes black in the data center, you will be refused to be able to access the place you want. 


Other benefits of the LPR:

  • They allow centralized management.
  • There is more facility in the monitoring system to access statistics by day, time, access doors and year.  
  • Real-time vehicle and license plate alerts.
  • Ease of having direct access to the system and being able to take control from a smartphone.


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