Do you know the importance of security monitoring rooms?

In order for your company to function within the normal standards of safeguarding both personnel and all equipment, you must have a security camera control room, where experts are responsible for monitoring everything that happens inside and outside your business. At MTN, we invite you to discover some details about these monitoring rooms specialized in the protection of any space. In addition, we will see how a security monitoring room works.


How to set up a Monitoring Center?


Each Monitoring Center has at least one Video Wall in which high definition, computer and video signals are displayed according to the user’s needs. This Video wall can be made up of video cubes or screens for the Monitoring Center with the smallest separation, either with LED, LCD or PDP technology. In addition to displaying information, a collaboration system can be integrated with specialized software that can send and receive data, video and audio between different rooms, centers or video walls.


How does a Monitoring Center work?


By integrating all this equipment and software, the Supervisor of the Operators of a Monitoring and Control Center can collaborate and send signals from the different cameras that captured an incident to a Crisis Room or War Room. You can also send it to remote sites that are in other buildings or other cities, and these in turn respond in real time, all with compression and encryption that always keep the data secure. Visualization, hand in hand with collaboration, are elements that will have an impact on the operation and functionality of the Center.

Main objectives:
•Prevent unexpected events such as theft, accidents and risks, emergencies and others.
•Monitor the entry and exit of people to the premises.
•Ensure the effective protection of the personnel and all the equipment of the companies.
•Protect families who live in a building or house and who have contracted the video surveillance service.
•Control customer access to a store.
•Sometimes this system is used as a method of persuasion, since it warns people that they have criminal intentions.
•They serve as evidence of crimes.

In the first instance to assess your company’s security we suggest that you request a cybersecurity audit to identify your company’s situation. Get analysis, protection and response across all your data assets, on-premises and in the cloud.


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