What is service and data replication?

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The replication of services is a strategy in which there are copies of the original equipment or servers, in an alternate instance of the same in another website, not only of the data as such, but also of the services, applications, virtual machines, etc., in such a way that when the main equipment fails, by means of a replication software the services in the alternate site are raised in seconds, in a transparent way for the user, that is to say, it is so fast that the client application does not lose connection nor is any process interrupted.


This is effective because not only the information is kept backed up, but also the “Business” is kept backed up, since whenever there is a failure there are huge losses in the organizations for every second that passes, only that many of these losses are not quantified in its totality, since hours of work of all the employees are lost, for example.

How can services and data be replicated?

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There are several ways to replicate a database. The different techniques offer different advantages, as they vary in rigor, simplicity, and speed. The ideal choice of technique depends on how companies store data and what the replicated information will be used for.


With respect to the timing of data transfer, there are two types of data replication:


  • Asynchronous, Replication is when data is sent to the model server the server from which the replicas take data from the client. Then, the model server sends a ping to the client with confirmation that the data has been received. From there, it is a matter of copying data to the replicas at an unspecified or supervised rate.


  • Synchronous, Replication is when data is copied from the client server to the model server and then replicated to all replica servers. before the client is notified that the data has been replicated. This takes longer to verify than the asynchronous method but has the advantage of knowing that all data was copied before proceeding.

Benefits of service and data replication

Service and data replication is an excellent way to provide constant access to data. It also increases data access to multiple users at the same time. Data redundancies are eliminated by merging databases and updating slave databases with incomplete data. And with data replication, naturally, there is faster access to databases.


When replication occurs, we know that there is also the risk of replicating errors, or cyber-attacks, so we also take care or deal with these risks in a comprehensive way to always protect the Business.


In MTN we can design, build the engineering that applies to the equipment and the particularities of the client’s infrastructure, we can deliver a recommendation, or participate in the proposal of what is necessary to achieve replication, implement them at the time that the equipment has been acquired and received, make the necessary proposals and carry out the subsequent follow-up or even the mandates that apply, in a word MTN can deliver turnkey projects, so that the client is not distracted from what is really important, which is “The Business”.

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