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In today’s world, cybersecurity is a crucial issue. Cybersecurity is a fundamental element in ensuring data protection and preventing cyber threats. Digital transformation has made security even more important, and the Air Gap Isolation is a key solution.


In this blog, we will explore how this technology works and its importance in protecting sensitive data.

What is an Air Gap Isolation?

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Before we begin, it’s important to know what an Air Gap Isolation is. We understand an Air Gap Isolation as a highly secure environment for storing sensitive information. The security and surveillance of data access and usage is an ideal solution for data protection in data center and storage systems. With data protection in mind, Air Gap Isolation are an important investment for any organization looking to protect its sensitive data from external and internal threats.


As such, Air Gap Isolation are especially useful for companies that handle sensitive data, such as personal customer information, trade secrets and intellectual property.

How I prevent malware from damaging the integrity of my data?

Due to the constant attacks on data, both from viruses and hackers, it has become desirable and/or necessary to keep our data out of the reach of other hands that can damage, corrupt, delete, steal, etc., it’s difficult because data was born to interact between systems and between other data to keep information flowing, which makes it vulnerable to the above-mentioned risks. However, this is difficult since data was born to interact between systems and between other data to keep information flowing, which makes it vulnerable to the risks mentioned above.


Notwithstanding the above, there is a way to isolate our data, maybe not to use them in isolation but to protect them, that is, making a copy and keep it away from the reach of cyber-attacks, since lately the engineering of the attacks is designed to remain inert while recording all connections, interactions and routes that take the data from one computer to another, from one database to another and thus spread to all the recipients that the Malware detects in the network, including to the backup solutions of information.

How to protect our data from cyber-attacks?

With reason to the above, there are solutions that perform an automatic isolation and it’s through a protected vault, which is designed in such a way that each data that enters it is placed in a series of reviews in Sandbox, this to ensure that they aren’t corrupted data and since it has reviewed them, enters the biggest advantage of this solution, which is that these teams and the vault as a whole is physically and automatically isolated from the network to prevent violations to the integrity of the data or containers, this is as if someone had disconnected the network cable in a physical way.


In conclusion, the Air Gap Isolation is an important solution to ensure the security and protection of valuable data. By using this technique, cyber-attacks can be prevented and data can be prevented from being compromised. Implementing appropriate security measures such as this can help protect the privacy and integrity of an organization’s data.


At MTN we can help you implement a super solution like this to make your data unreachable, so that it is as secure as possible, just ask us to design the solution from start to finish.

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