Disaster Recovery Plan

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A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is essential to protect your business continuity in the event of a catastrophic event such as a fire, flood or cyber-attack.


These negative incidents to the organization can cause losses ranging from minimal, such as damage to a computer, millionaire for the loss of valuable information to the company or even the disappearance of the company or brand as such.


If a company isn’t prepared to face a disaster and doesn’t have security, it’s running a serious risk that many organizations have paid dearly for and generally the directors consider it excessive to spend a few thousand dollars and end up paying hundreds of thousands because they think that it will not happen to them and that their companies will not be touched, however, there are physical, credibility and logical incidents, as well as incidents throughout the development of business processes, making it impossible for a variable number of hours, days or even months, all due to the lack of the equipment that supports the operation.


In this blog, we will explore the essential elements of an effective DRP and some solutions that can be implemented in case such an accident happens.

Service and Data Replication

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Service Replication consists of having copies of equipment or servers at another site to ensure security and business continuity in case of failure of the main equipment. This is achieved through software that lifts services transparently to the user.


This strategy is effective in backing up both the information and the business, as downtime losses can be substantial. Although replication carries risks such as the propagation of errors or cyber attacks, protective measures must be taken to ensure the security of the business.

Cloud backups

Nowadays the OnPremises infrastructure of customers even if it’s a private cloud storage is no longer enough, since no matter how much investment is made always Cloud providers will have better equipment conditions and processes so they will always be more secure, therefore, one of the most important ways nowadays is to save data in some cloud storage.


In the facilities of the Cloud providers take care of details that lead to their Data Centers to be certified with the highest level which is Tier4, this is related to the levels of redundancy that apply to each resource that uses the center, i.e. these buildings, not only have an electricity line that supplies them with energy for example, but they have at least two different companies, each with several substations and each line with at least 2 emergency plants and in turn each with at least 2 batteries backup power (UPS’s), etc.. All this to achieve a service availability of 99.999 reducing to a minimum the possibility of an outage.


The above gives us an overview of the importance of having our data protected with everything that is within our hands, since the loss of the same impacts us strongly in business, therefore, if they are better protected with so many security measures is advisable to have a backup copy of our data in a service that offers this protection.

Data Isolation Vault (Air Gap)

The constant risks of viruses and cyber-attacks make it difficult to keep data safe, but it can be protected by making a copy and storing it in a protected vault. Automatic isolation solutions, such as a protected vault, check every piece of data in the Sandbox to make sure it’s not corrupted. The major advantage of this solution is that they are physically and automatically isolated from the network to prevent data or container integrity breaches. This provides more secure and reliable protection against the risks of cyber-attacks and viruses.

Cloud Backups

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This is one of the best strategies to protect data against cyber-attacks, as it is low cost compared to other solutions and its effectiveness can be even greater than other more expensive ones. Basically the solution lies in creating a copy of the data, but sealing it with an encryption such that not even the highest network user can modify, delete, or move it so that the data remains immutable over time.


Although the data is immovable or immutable, it can be copied, so that in the event of damage to the data in operation it can be recovered through this copy, since the information is vital to the operation of the organization and therefore the data is required for business continuity.


In conclusion, a Disaster Recovery Plan is essential for any organization that depends on its systems and data to operate. A well-planned and executed DRP can minimize downtime and reduce financial and reputational losses. To create an effective DRP, it’s important to consider the organization’s specific risks and threats, set clear priorities, and perform regular testing to ensure the plan is up to date and working properly.

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