Discover why AR glasses are an essential tool in times of pandemic


In these times of pandemic, AR glasses are a great tool to detect body temperature in real time, thanks to infrared thermal imaging technology, AI capacity, big data, among others, and thus be able to see if someone has a fever and prevent contagion by providing security, they are of great help mainly in crowded places; proves to be one of the Covid solutions for companies, among others such as restaurants and shopping centers, since in these places logistics are complicated by trying to analyze them one by one and being able to give access to establishments, this technology prevents people waiting from piling up Have your temperature taken manually.


One of the great advantages of augmented reality glasses or AR glasses is that they are designed in such a way that it is not necessary to have direct contact with people and thus have social distancing with tracking, they are safe and efficient, mainly for mobile patrols of prevention of epidemics located in the external environment, covering the review in dangerous areas or areas of constant movement, such as hospitals, public transport stations, parks and tourist attractions, these lenses are easy to use, so they could also be used in the industrial part, in maintenance areas, since it is possible to make video calls or video conferences, and thus be able to solve any type of difficulty immediately.


The sensors of these glasses are designed for reliable detection for people who are walking or running, it offers an improved tracking capacity.


LLVISION not only provides automatic forehead temperature targeting capability, it also has unsurpassed performance in terms of speed, accuracy and multi-dimensional big data, as it is based on advanced AI and dual-spectrum imaging technologies.


It covers a safety measurement distance of 3 meters, measures the temperature and facial recognition of multiple targets, has an accuracy of ± 0.3 °


And it avoids the interference of other heat sources preventing false alarm.


Being able to keep your distance and diagnose people positive for coronavirus has been a daily struggle and Grupo EON joins this fight, having been in the market for more than 10 years implementing multiple solutions throughout the Mexican Republic.


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