Important Tips For Acquiring a Solar Camera


Seeing the need to place security cameras in a space that is difficult to access or where it is difficult to bring the power supply, we can use modern solar powered surveillance cameras.

There are two types of solar cameras: those that have the panel built into the camera itself. This is a compact and easy-to-install solution. The solar panel that captures the energy is located on the camera and makes it work without the need for connection to the electrical network.

Another solar surveillance camera carries the separate solar panel. They are normal cameras to which an independent solar panel is connected to provide the necessary energy.

These types of cameras are valid for outdoor and day surveillance, but what happens when the sun goes down? We have the solution in rechargeable batteries with solar energy.

The solar panel that is used to power the camera while it is day, also charges a lower capacity battery that supplies the necessary energy when it is night or when it is day, but there is no sun.

What should we take into account when purchasing a surveillance camera powered by solar energy?

Although we opted for a kit or for a pole installation, we have to take into account the following aspects when purchasing the equipment:

Solar panel capacity
The solar panel has to be adequate to power the surveillance camera and to recharge the installation battery. We need the advice of a specialist to calculate and optimize the electrical installation, so as not to spend too much or too little.

Data transmission capacity
The video and audio signal can be transmitted over Wi-Fi when possible. In the event that we do not have a nearby Wi-Fi facility to connect the camera to the internet, we will have to make a connection through the mobile phone network.

Installation security
The installation of cameras and panels should be in places that are difficult to access, in height, on a pole or on a building when possible. We can also configure the camera to allow intruder detection or provide it with video analysis systems and sound or light alarms using sensors to detect possible attacks.

There are different solutions to protect our facilities when it is difficult to carry the wiring. But it is always necessary to entrust the design of our surveillance system to a specialized company.

We will make them invest the necessary amount to have good security equipment and we will avoid them buying equipment that is not adequate

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